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Godfather Death Essay

What might you request your infant youngster on the off chance that you could request anything? What might you penance to get it? In the domain of fantasies, subjects, for example, these are normal impetuses for passing on life decisions and the following results. Every story may identify with specific situations or economic wellbeing of a particular sexual orientation, yet one such taleâ€Godfather Deathâ€can be identified with by all social statuses. The subject that is pondered by the Brothers Grimm is demise and the force or absence of that an individual has to control it (Grimm 233). â€Å"See,† said Death, â€Å"these are the life-lights of humanity. The huge ones have a place with kids, the medium-sized ones to wedded individuals in their greatest years, and the little ones to elderly folks individuals. In any case, even kids and youngsters regularly have just a little light. † This Grimm Brothers’ record of such a story includes a dad that is depicted as a diligent employee that can scarcely give his twelve youngsters the essential necessities of life (Grimm 230). At the point when he is educated he has a thirteenth kid appearing on the scene, the dad quickly looks for an adoptive parent to make this child’s life a simpler one than the past twelve. Subsequent to evaluating his discovered decisions of God, the Devil, and Death, he picks Death as his son’s adoptive parent. The dad trusts Death is the most impartial and will give uniformity to all. The child happens to age and Godfather Death gives him a current that will make the existence useful for the now youngster: He took him out into the forested areas and indicated him a herb that developed there, saying, â€Å"Now you will get your godfather’s present. I will transform you into a popular doctor. At whatever point you are called to a wiped out individual I will appear to you. On the off potential for success that I have at the wiped out person’s head, you may state with certainty that you can make him well once more; at that point give him a portion of this herb, and he will recoup. However, on the off potential for success that I have at the wiped out person’s feet, he is mine, and you should state that he is past assistance, and that no doctor on the planet could spare him. In any case, be careful with utilizing this herb without wanting to, or something exceptionally awful will transpire. â€Å" The Grimm story, now, persuades that the man’s father settled on a decent decision in picking the back up parent as the youngster gets acclaimed and rich by obeying Death’s guidelines of the blessing. Most guardians would be content with such outcomes. Similarly as with most fantasies, favorable luck as a rule has a cost to be paid. On account of Grandfather Death, the cost isn't having the option to single out who can bite the dust and who can't as the man discovers when he urgently needs a specific ruler to live and afterward the king’s little girl (Grimm 231, 232). The man finds exactly how evident that reality is. This is an intriguing point to contemplate and in my exploration I went over an article giving knowledge into the personal satisfaction during the times of kicking the bucket (CBSNews 1). All in all, is expanding life a legitimate activity if the personal satisfaction is flawed? In the article, coming up next was found: â€Å"Families can't envision there could be anything more awful than their adored one passing on. In any case, truth be told, there are things more regrettable. Most by and large, it’s having somebody you love kick the bucket badly,† Byock said. A dominant part of Americans state they need to bite the dust at home, yet 75 percent kick the bucket in a medical clinic or a nursing home. The article calls attention to another reality of how much cash is spent on dragging out death only a couple of days, weeks, months now and again. I think it’s fascinating that we will in general go through a great deal of cash keeping away from the unavoidable. Personal satisfaction? These are on the whole great inquiries that an individual will in the long run consider. â€Å"What will I offer up to remain alive somewhat more? † In the story, Death takes the man to see his light that speaks to his life, which has gotten short as the man chose to deceive Death to let the lord and the king’s little girl live. The man sees his destiny as dreary in reality, no quip planned, however the story is generally fitting as one that the Brothers Grimm’s retelling (Grimm 233). Maybe the point that can be extricated from the fantasy is that an individual needs to acknowledge the way that passing is inescapable and take advantage of their assigned time given during a person’s life. I accept the contemporary saying of â€Å"life is short, benefit as much as possible from it† is extremely fitting. A similar message was being contemplated at that point is as yet think about an unavoidable subject, regardless of how bleak. Demise is an immortal, unavoidable issue that in the end all must face. This story just attempts to place it in context by implication. The peruser of Godfather Death is headed to consider exactly how valuable life is by considering what’s coming toward the end. Works Cited Grimm, Jacob. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales. Raleigh: Sweetwater, 2012. Print.. CBSNews. â€Å"The Cost of Dying. † CBSNews, December 3, 2010. Web. http://www. cbsnews. com/8301-18560_162-5711689. html.

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Patient Raymond Nguyen for Respect and Information-myassignmenthelp

Question: Talk about thePatient Raymond Nguyen for Respect and Information. Answer: Presentation Care fixated on patients alludes to the wellbeing which is profoundly aware and receptive to different inclinations, qualities and requirements of the purchasers and patients. The comprehensively acknowledged elements of the consideration fixated on the patients are enthusiastic help, regard, data, physical solace, and correspondence, change and congruity, inclusion of carers and family, care coordination and access to compelling consideration (Hill, Hall Glew, 2017). Different examines exhibit that care fixated on quiet and makes esteem added for administrations to general society. At the point when the directors of medicinal services alongside patients, families and give work in community oriented association, the security and nature of social insurance builds, the costs decline and the fulfillment of the supplier increments. This outcomes in increment of the consideration experience of the patient in the long run. In any sort of occupation, it is vital to have great foundation with respect to viable correspondence between the patients and the attendants or the other clinical carers. Having an extremely successful correspondence between the patients and wellbeing carers is significant in the Nursing condition as there is managing of different parts of life of a patient (Alligood, 2017). In this task, there has been conversation on the manners by which attendants and clinical experts utilize the expert relational abilities for building up a remedial relationship with patients. In such manner, the instance of Raymond Nguyen is talked about for which the manners by which compelling relational abilities will be set up through verbal and non-verbal correspondence mode alongside the part of documentation. Circumstance Raymond Nguyen is a multi year old male conceived in Vietnam which later relocated to Australia in the year 1979 as vessel individual. Having this fundamental data preceding his arrangement, he must be treated with methods of patient-focused consideration. Before having a gathering with Raymond Nguyen, the attendant or the assessor must be exceptionally alert, situated and agreeable outlook. The nursing care that must be given to Raymond Nguyen requires a profoundly compelling correspondence built up between the medical caretaker and him that will be done through valuing the uniqueness of life history envelops and impacts the social insurance encounters of Raymond Nguyen (Levett-Jones, 2013). The standards under which guiding and social insurance arrangement will be given to Raymond Nguyen incorporates pride, compassion, decision, regard , straightforwardness , independence and an unequivocal want to give help to him to accomplishing the wellbeing conditions and life that he wished to have. Foundation During the guiding meeting, it has been acquired that Raymond Nguyen doesn't have any caring sensitivities and had a propensity for smoking for around 42 years which he had as of late left. By building up great and sound verbal correspondence with Raymond Nguyen, successful human services can be given to him. This would fundamentally start with the utilization of English as the language for correspondence. The medical attendant needs to utilize a tone that is extremely mitigating and quiet which would give a sentiment of solace to Raymond Nguyen (Almajali, Masa'deh Tarhini, 2016). Concerning the non-verbal specialized techniques, Raymond Nguyen should be given soothing touch by causing him to sit in seat or helping him while grabbing a chair in the clinical reason. The outward appearance of the medical caretaker while giving discussion to Raymond Nguyen should be quiet and amicable. Eye to eye connection must be kept up to cause him to feel calm and responsive. According to Parahoo (2014), the medical attendant needs to watch the statement of Raymond Nguyen to pick up appreciation about his psychological circumstance (Parahoo, 2014). The distinction between the reaction of the Raymond Nguyen to any question and the outward appearance that he has while responding to the inquiries must be seen so as to furnish him with successful directing and human services (Holloway Galvin, 2016). Appraisal Considering Raymond Nguyens way of life which is has been following for an extremely lengthy timespan the documentation of the association of the considerable number of discussions and counseling between the attendant or clinical carer and Raymond Nguyen must be accomplished for future reference (Chnevert, et al., 2013). This will likewise help with overseeing explicit data and information concerning strength of Raymond Nguyen (Nieswiadomy Bailey, 2017). The meeting that the attendant or the clinical experts would give to Raymond Nguyen would be as far as the age, liquor utilization and food propensities for Raymond Nguyen. The discussion or meeting that would be given to Raymond Nguyen would be in direction of making him fitter and dynamic by fusing a system of gentle exercise or exercises, for example, playing with his grandkids (Durairaj Ranjani, 2013). By taking part in particular sort of physical action, he will have brought levels of worry down to a huge degree. He should be informed in regards to taking consideration concerning him in little manners, for example, utilizing sunscreen while going out with his grandkids. As indicated by Mosadeghrad Ferdosi (2013), attendants or clinical advisors need to make the recommendation in regards to connecting with a cook who might deal with getting ready home prepared dinners to him. This ways he will not be avoiding his morning meal and would have nutritious food at home (Mosadeghrad Fe rdosi, 2013). The attendants or clinical carer would need to archive all the discussion in an electronic recorder which will help with keeping up a register for putting away all the pertinent data in regards to specific human services routine to Raymond Nguyen (Flores, et al., 2013). The electronic recorder that would be utilized with the end goal of documentation can be utilized by Raymond Nguyens little girl and other relatives while dealing with him. This ways his drinking propensity can be managed (LoBiondo-Wood Haber, 2017). Proposal Conclusion In the article, the essentialness of directing documentation of clinical guiding is expressed. The wellbeing condition and necessity of Raymond Nguyen is surveyed in the task. There has been reflection on the standards which must be thought of while assessing or directing discussion of wellbeing to Raymond Nguyen. Further, the verbal and non-verbal correspondence conduct that must be kept up while giving Raymond Nguyen clinical conference has been assessed. This exposition has helped with picking up top to bottom examination of different components and the manners by which the guiding must be given are expressed. The noteworthiness of having a legitimate documentation in such manner has been expressed. References Alligood, M. R. (2017).Nursing Theorists and Their Work-E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences. Almajali, D. A., Masa'deh, R. E., Tarhini, A. (2016). Forerunners of ERP frameworks usage achievement: an investigation on Jordanian social insurance sector.Journal of Enterprise Information Management,29(4), 549-565. Chnevert, D., Jourdain, G., Cole, N., Banville, B. (2013). The job of authoritative equity, burnout and responsibility in the comprehension of truancy in the Canadian social insurance sector.Journal of Health Organization and Management,27(3), 350-367. Durairaj, M., Ranjani, V. (2013). Information mining applications in social insurance segment: a study.International diary of logical innovation research,2(10), 29-35. Flores, M., Glusman, G., Brogaard, K., Price, N. D., Hood, L. (2013). P4 medication: how frameworks medication will change the human services segment and society.Personalized medicine,10(6), 565-576. Slope, R., Hall, H., Glew, P. J. (2017). Essentials of Nursing and Midwifery: A Person-Centered Approach to Care. Holloway, I., Galvin, K. (2016).Qualitative research in nursing and social insurance. John Wiley Sons. LoBiondo-Wood, G., Haber, J. (2017).Nursing Research-E-Book: Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-Based Practice. Elsevier Health Sciences. Levett-Jones, T. (2013). Basic Conversations for Patient Safety. : Pearson Australia. Recovered from Mosadeghrad, A. M., Ferdosi, M. (2013). Administration, work fulfillment and authoritative responsibility in medicinal services area: Proposing and testing a model.Materia socio-medica,25(2), 121. Nieswiadomy, R. M., Bailey, C. (2017).Foundations of nursing research. Pearson. Parahoo, K. (2014).Nursing exploration: standards, procedure and issues. Palgrave Macmillan.

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Guide to Blog Carnivals 2020

Guide to Blog Carnivals 2020 .elementor-19992 .elementor-element.elementor-element-19992{text-align:center}Last Updated on January 5, 2020So you want to share MORE content with your audience about a particular topic, but have trouble finding that MUCH content on a regular basis?Instead of hiring a bunch of writers to your blog, theres an easier way Blog carnivals. Disclosure As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page â€" at no additional cost to you. Dismiss alert In this post, Im going to share with you what blog carnivals are, how you can use them and how you can use them to boost your traffic and visitor figures. Heres the guide breakdown:What is a blog carnival?Whats the benefit?How to participate in a blog carnival?How to host a blog carnival?How about guidelines?Promoting your blog carnival. but first, lets see the full definition.Table of Contents What is a Blog Carnival?So whats IN it for me? Traffic and more visitorsHow to Participate in a Blog CarnivalHow can I host my OWN blog carnival?Create Your Blog Carnival and guidelinesPromote Your Blog CarnivalWas it a success? Determine it.What is a Blog Carnival?A blog carnival is an online event where bloggers come together to write about a specific theme or topic. (wiki)In a nutshell,The host of the blog carnival creates a blog post outlining the theme or topic, guidelines, and a deadline.Bloggers who wish to participate must publish a blog post on their own blogs that fit the theme or topic, link back to the hosts blog post, and submit their post by the deadline.The host then links to all of the blog posts that meet the guidelines for the carnival.But, keep the linking within Google TOS. Heres my point of view: Join the FREE TrainingDo You Want To Learn How To Build 6 Figures Authority Sites?Join This Free Training To...Finally have a proven method to finding profitable nichesGet access to a foolproof keyword research methodLearn how to outsource quali ty contentLearn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches Why you should use a nofollow tag?From an SEO standpoint, most blog carnivals ask for participants to link back to the blog carnival announcement post. The main purpose of this should be for traffic, and not for SEO. To stay on Googles friendly side, you can offer a specific piece of code people should use to link back to your blog carnival announcement, and that code should include a nofollow tag.So whats IN it for me? Traffic and more visitorsBlog carnivals have many benefits for both participants and the host.Participants: For starters, any bloggers who participate in the blog carnival will receive traffic from new audiences who learn about the blog carnival from one blog and then go on to read posts from other blogs in the carnival. New bloggers will get the chance to become part of a network of established blogs within a specific niche. Other bloggers in the carnival will likely spend some time visi ting the other blogs to read their content and engage in the discussion, boosting each blogs traffic and comments.Host: The host of the blog carnival will get additional benefits. First, they will get a lot of links back to their original post. They will also get traffic from each of the participating bloggers from those looking to read all of the posts submitted.To summarize, your blog will get more exposure and visibility.How to Participate in a Blog CarnivalThe first step to participating in a blog carnival is to find one in your niche. Google is a great place to start by searching for keywords in your niche plus the phrase blog carnival in quotes. You will want to narrow your search by using the Search Tools box and filtering the results down to the last month or last year to find blogs that are hosting blog carnivals now. While youre waiting for the next blog carnival to start up, you can invest some time in building a relationship with the host by commenting on their other b log posts and networking with them on social media. This will ensure that the host will notice your blog post submission and hopefully ensure that it is accepted into the blog carnival.For blog carnivals that are currently accepting submissions, you will want to start networking with the host immediately using the above tactics. When youre ready to start working on your submission, be sure that you have thoroughly read the guidelines. Things to note in the guidelines are the following.What is the main topic or theme of the blog carnival?Are there multiple topics or themes that you must claim or publish on a specific date?Should posts be a certain length?Should posts include a specific type of media, such as a custom blog header image that relates to the blog carnival?Does the post need to be tagged or categorized a certain way?What should the post link back to?When does the post need to be published by?How should the post be submitted to the host?In most cases, blog carnivals will h ave one theme to focus upon. In some, there might be several themes with the option to write multiple blog posts that can be submitted to the carnival.How can I host my OWN blog carnival?Unless you have a lot of traffic theres not much to get from hosting a blog carnival. Why so? Well, people who are in your niche find that your blog doesnt get much traffic, they arent motivated for it.However, when you cant find a blog carnival in your niche, or you find some that arent that popular, then you may want to start one by hosting it yourself. To ensure that your blog carnival is a success, you will want to do the following.Network with Bloggers in Your NicheIf you do not already have a strong audience within their niche, then your first step in launching a blog carnival will be to network with other bloggers in your niche. If there are blog carnivals happening in your niche, you will want to start by networking with the people who participate in these blog carnivals. Beyond that, you c an use Google search, sites like Alltop, or premium tools like BuzzSumo to find blogs that write about topics within in your niche.Note that smaller blogs are going to be the ones most likely to participate in blog carnivals. Blogs like Entrepreneur, Inc, Mashable, and similar sized blogs should be left out of the mixOnce you find blogs that are receiving adequate amounts of traffic (note whether they are receiving regular social shares and comments on their blog posts), you will want to start networking with the blog owner and/or popular writers on the blog. In particular, you will want to comment on their blog posts and interact with them on social media.Twitter is usually the best network to choose for networking with bloggers, as you can chat with people without them having to friend or follow you. If bloggers are replying to comments on Facebook or Google+, those are good alternatives. The goal is to find the networks where bloggers are most engaged and interact with them there .You will also want to look into social media groups for bloggers. Facebook offers groups for all types of bloggers as well as niche-specific bloggers. Look for the social groups where people are truly engaging with each other as opposed to the ones that are full of link shares, but no comments or engagement.In addition to Facebook, you can look into LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities, and forums to connect with bloggers in your niche who may be interested in participating in a blog carnival.As you build blogging connections from your niche, you should notice that your blog benefits through increased traffic, social shares, and comments. This will tell you if you are networking with the right people as a whole.Create Your Blog Carnival and guidelinesWhen you feel confident that you have a good niche blogging audience, youre ready to start your first blog carnival. You will need to come up with an overall plan for your blog carnivals, a good theme or topic for your first blog carn ival and blog post guidelines for participants.The Overall PlanThe overall plan for your blog carnivals should cover how often you plan on hosting blog carnivals, a specific hashtag for your blog carnivals, and a way for bloggers to subscribe for notices about your blog carnivals. You should establish this from the start so every blogger you bring into your first blog carnivals can get excited about upcoming blog carnivals and subscribe.The Theme or TopicYou can plan a theme or topic for your first blog carnival only and adjust it for upcoming blog carnivals, or you can plan several themes / topics for a years worth of blog carnivals. If you do the latter, you can post it to your blog so that bloggers who may not have a good post idea for this months blog carnival will know to check back in for the next one.The theme or topic you choose should be broad enough that people will be able to write unique posts, but not so broad that it loses its flow. For example, if you have a book revi ew club, you could ask everyone to write a post reviewing their favorite self-improvement book so that all of the posts match the self-improvement theme.If youre looking for an easy way to generate a ton of topic ideas checkout Long Tail Pro.The GuidelinesFrom both a visitor and an SEO standpoint, you only want to link to blog posts that are of the highest quality. One of the problems with blog carnivals in the past is that anyone and everyone who wanted to participate could, leading to long posts with mediocre content at best.Your blog carnival guidelines should match the quality that you set for your own blog. Dont feel shy about asking for blog posts that are at least 1,000 words (or whatever is standard in your niche), that include at least one image, and that includes standard formatting elements, such as headers and bolded text when appropriate.Your guidelines should end with a specific deadline for submissions and how submissions should be sent. You can use your email address or contact form, or you can use a free Google Docs form that will put answers into a spreadsheet for easier management.This way, instead of opening email after email, you can just open one spreadsheet each time you run a blog carnival.Promote Your Blog CarnivalOnce you have defined your plan, topic or theme, guidelines, and submission policy, you are ready to publish your post and promote your blog carnival. Here are some ways to make sure you get the word out and get the most participants possible!If you already have an email list, or once you build your blog carnival-specific email list, email everyone on it when the blog carnival is announced. Then remind your email list one week before the submission deadline.Reach out to specific bloggers about your blog carnival through their contact form or email address.Announce your blog carnival on your social media profiles. Be sure to pin your announcements to the top of your Twitter profile and Facebook page until the submission deadli ne.If you belong to groups or forums where people can make self-promotional announcements, announce your blog carnival in those groups and forums.Once the submission deadline arrives, review and compile all of the blog posts you receive, then update your blog carnival page. Once your page is updated, promote it again to let people know they can come to see the entries and subscribe to get notified about the next blog carnival.Was it a success? Determine it.How will you know your blog carnival is a success? It will start with the number of good submissions you get. In the beginning, it may only be a few. But as you continue to run blog carnivals, the number should increase. Even if you only get five each time, thats still five blogs sending traffic back to yours. Plus, its five great pieces of content you get to share with your audience. Both will equal a win!

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How Are Federal Judges Selected

The term federal judge includes Supreme Court justices, court of appeals judges, and district court judges. These judges make up the federal court system, which litigates all U.S. federal charges, upholding the rights and liberties contained within the Constitution. The selection process for these judges is laid out in Article II of the U.S. Constitution, while their powers can be found in Article III. Key Takeaways: Federal Judge Selection The United States President nominates potential federal judges.The U.S. Senate confirms or rejects the Presidents nominees.Once confirmed, a federal judge serves for life, with no term limits.In rare cases, a federal judge can be impeached for failing to uphold good behavior under Article II of the Constitution. Since the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789, the federal judicial system has maintained 12 district circuits, each with its own court of appeals, regional district courts, and bankruptcy courts. Some judges are referred to as federal judges, but are part of a separate category. The selection process for Magistrate and bankruptcy judges is separate from Supreme Court justices, court of appeals judges, and district court judges. A list of their powers and their selection process can be found in Article I. Selection Process The judicial election process is an important part of the Second Article of the U.S. Constitution. Article II, Section II, Paragraph II reads: [The President] shall nominate [...] Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments. In simplified terms, this section of the Constitution states that appointing a federal judge requires both nomination by the President and confirmation by the U.S. Senate. As a result, the President can nominate anyone, but may choose to take Congressional suggestions into consideration. The potential nominees may be vetted by the Senate through confirmation hearings. At the hearings, nominees are asked questions about their qualifications and judicial history. Qualifications to Become a Federal Judge The Constitution does not give specific qualifications for justices. Technically, a federal judge does not have to have a law degree to sit on the bench. However, judges are vetted by two different groups. The Department of Justice (DOJ): The DOJ maintains a set of informal criteria used to review a potential judgeCongress: Congressional members suggest potential candidates to the President, using their own informal decision process. Judges may be selected based on their past rulings in lower courts or their conduct as a lawyer. A president may prefer one candidate over another based on their preference for the opposing practices of judicial activism or judicial restraint. If a judge does not have prior judicial experience, it is difficult to predict how they may rule in the future. These predictions are strategic. The federal judicial system remains a check on Congress legislative power, so Congress has a vested interest in seating a judge that favors the current majoritys interpretation of the Constitution. How Long Federal Judges Serve Federal judges serve life terms. Once they are appointed, they are not removed as long as they uphold good behavior. The Constitution does not define good behavior, but the U.S. Court system has a general code of conduct for judges. Federal judges can be impeached for failing to show good behavior under Article II of the Constitution. Impeachment is broken down into two elements. The House of Representatives has the power to impeach, while the Senate has the power to try impeachments. Impeachment is extremely rare, shown by the fact that between 1804 and 2010 a total of 15 federal judges were impeached. Out of those 15, only eight were convicted. The longevity of a federal judicial appointment makes the nomination and approval process extremely important to sitting presidents. Judgeships outlast the presidency by many years, meaning that a president might view a Supreme Court appointment as their legacy. Presidents do not control how many judges they can nominate. They nominate once seats open up or new judgeships are created. Judgeships are created through legislation when needed. Need is determined by a survey. Every other year, a Judicial Conference run by the Judicial Resources Committee invites members of the courts across the U.S. to discuss the status of their judgeships. Then, the Judicial Resources Committee makes recommendations based on a variety of factors including geography, age of sitting judges, and diversity of cases. According to the U.S. Courts, A threshold for the number of weighted filings per judgeship is the key factor in determining when an additional judgeship will be requested. Federal judgeships have grown in number over time, but the Supreme Court has remained constant, sitting nine justices since 1869. Sources â€Å"Code of Conduct for United States Judges.†Ã‚  United States Courts,â€Å"Federal Judges.†Ã‚  United States Courts,â€Å"Federal Judge.†Ã‚  Ballotpedia,â€Å"Impeachments of Federal Judges.†Ã‚  Federal Judicial Center,â€Å"Judgeship Appointments by President.† U.S. Courts, 31 Dec. 2017.U.S. Constitution. Art. II, Sec. II.

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The Action And Formal Movement - 1903 Words

The lawful action and formal movement groups made in the left coast throughout the seventies to help protect gay rights, built a foundation for the gay rights movement that gays all over the country used to gain equal rights such as marriage rights, counceling rights, and employment. For many years, the voices of the LGBT community were oppressed by regular society. But, beginning in the late 60’s, the movement of counterculture began to challenge common thought that other races and gender types should be treated with equal respect. Although these movements of counterculture such as the famous stonewall riots, helped spark the movement, it was not until cities like seattle and portland implemented legal protection, that the gay community started to grasp footing. The Left Coast, being the first region to put an openly gay man in office, created an image for the rest of the country that gays can be successful in the workforce. Harvey Milk feeling need to change after the stonewall riots and gay oppression in new york, joined with the migration of gays to the west coast where he settled in the Castro district. Feeling like he needed to make a personal change, he began his contribution to the gay rights movements by opening a camera store in the castro district. In addition to selling camera and film, he used the store space as the headquarters for his gay rights campaigning. He did this in response to gay rights opposition protesting that Milk and his partner couldShow MoreRelatedGeographic Departmentalization : An Organization1627 Words   |  7 Pageswith the #BlackLivesMatter message. BLM’s geographic departmentalization is loose and informal. Rather than one central body putting in place the organizational infrastructure and then sending employees there, BLM depends on activists starting movements in their own areas independently. In this sense, BLM is more of a network of somewhat interconnected organizations, rather than one large, geographically departmentalized organization. This type of geographic departmentalization (largely throughRead MoreThe Modern Form Of Migrant Trafficking998 Words   |  4 PagesThe modern form of migrant trafficking emerged as a concomitant of the rapid globalization of world economies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when technological innovation allowed for greater ease of movement of information, goods, and people. In addition to technological advancements, economic interdependence brought about by cross-border flows of commodities, services and capital created new markets in industries like resource extraction, textiles, and service, among others. While globalizationRead MoreInfluential Leaders Of The Civil Rights Movement1016 Words   |  5 PagesSince ministers from the black church rose as formal charismatic leaders in the movement, there was not a situation in which a woman could be a charismatic leader. Ella Baker, highly critical of King, the charismatic leadership in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and of charismatic leadership in general, believed that group-centered leadership was the answer. She believed that through combined effort and inner strength much could be accomplished by the people. To Baker, charismaticRead MoreExplain Aristotles Understanding of the Four Causes Essay683 Words   |  3 PagesGreek philosophy, the notion of pre-existing matter. He observed the world around him and noticed that it was in a state of constant motion, a movement from potentiality to actuality This movement from potentiality to actuality lead Aristotle to the conclusion that there are stages in causation. He called these the four causes: Material, Efficient, Formal and Final causes. He understood that each of the four causes was necessary to explain the change from potentiality to actuality. His first causeRead MoreEnvironmental Activism in China1109 Words   |  5 Pagesexplains the relations between these categories. GONGOs appear to be official and formal; INGOs and registered NGOs are non-official but formal; College Students Associations are official but not formal. GONGOs, College Students Associations and International NGOs all together are the main actor in organizations. These three make up 86% of the NGO population, while grassroots NGOs, which are more formal than College Students Associations but less official than GONGOs, account forRead MoreFormal and Substantive Equality1185 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion 5- Explain the difference between formal (or procedural) equality and substantive equality. Formal equality is known as the formal, legal equality. This is the equality that is seen as one law should be applied to all people, social and personal characteristics are no factor. Formal equality aims to distribute equality fairly and evenly, and aims to treat people the same. Formal equality does not ensure the wellbeing of individuals based on race, ethnicity, sex, age etc. UnfortunatelyRead MoreAnti-Urbanization Of The ZD Movement1089 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"concessions† as formal mechanisms of dialogue and by reporting the expulsions as after the failure of the operation Cà ©sar in 2013, or from 2016 when it could legally expulse the inhabitants. The new government followed that path with the nomination of a mediator in 2017. The ZAD movement’s very existence is a strike against the legitimacy of the State and the market-based economy as they sought to create their own way of life in the area. The ZAD movement is also an anti-urbanization movement because itRead MoreEducational Philosophy of John Dewey Essay702 Words   |  3 Pagesprogressive movement in the history of the American education system and his book, Democracy and Education: an introduction to the philosophy of education, could be used as a textbook to teach the foundations of the movement. Discrediting all previous educational and philosophic approaches as intellectually incomplete or inaccurate, Dewey first presents a new perspective on the nature of knowledge, education, society and philosophy. One fundamental theme of Dewey’s progressive movement is that educationRead MoreIs The Contemporary Crisis Participation For Traditional Forms Of Political Participation? Essay1618 Words   |  7 Pagespolitical participation to ex amine is membership of political parties as this is a key way in which citizens can engage in politics and influence government decision making. â€Å"Membership of political parties and most other incidences of participation in formal politics are down in established democracies to unprecedented levels.† (Hay, 2007: 1) Party membership in OECD countries highlights a more significant crisis in participation than declining electoral turnout does, having declined by roughly 60% betweenRead MoreLiberation Ideology Essay1235 Words   |  5 Pagesand future history of the United States. The mistreatment of particular groups infringe on the idea that all individuals are free and equal. Liberation ideology strives to eliminate external and internal oppression of particular groups in both a formal and informal method in our legal system and society. This ideology believes in the freedom and equality of the individual. Similar to welfare liberalism, strong government interaction is necessary to eliminate oppression in the legal system. In

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Movie Analysis Dead Pool - 1179 Words

Action Adventure movies are one of the most common genre of movies that we see in the theatres. This genre of movie makes the biggest headlines and is also paired with the biggest ticket sales. So with such huge success that the Action Adventure genre within movies has, something has to be working to garner such an audience. In this year there have been quit a few Action Adventure movie hits, such the widely anticipated movie â€Å"Dead pool.† Dead pool is a movie about a dark humored mercenary who is subjected to an experiment that mutates his genes, giving him powers and a thirst for revenge. Dead pool ended up setting records for the biggest opening for a movie in February, as well as the biggest opening for an R-rated movie, ever. As one can tell, it was a rather successful movie. It begs the question, why did such a movie work for the audience? Deadpool had a couple of things going for it to make it work. Things such as it’s R-rating, it’s marvel and comic b ook origins, it’s humor, and as well as it’s fan base. These things combined produced the perfect cocktail for audiences. Deadpool was a first of it’s kind. Not only that but it showed Hollywood that such a movie, where nothing was off limits, could prevail in the industry. Many of the recent marvel movies that have been released in the past few years have had a PG-13 rating. This is the most popular rating among movies across all genres. This is because it’s not seen as a kid’s movie like G or PG ratings, but it alsoShow MoreRelatedEssay about Great Gatsby Film Analysis839 Words   |  4 PagesRachel Hobson HON English 3 September 11, 2011 Critical Analysis: The Great Gatsby Film The classic American novel, The Great Gatsby, presents a major theme of passing time. Losing Daisy meant losing Gatsby’s entire world, which he only kept alive through his hope of repeating the past. Daisy is a symbol of everything he values and therefore became the entity of his dream: his dream of spending the rest of his life with Daisy, the woman he loves undeniably. But Gatsby doesn’t realize his dreamRead MoreAn American Classic Children s Movie, The Lion King Essay1674 Words   |  7 PagesAn American classic children’s movie, The Lion King, is a musical film produced by Walt Disney. The original story focuses on a young lion who spirits into a self-imposed exile after believing he was at fault for his father’s death. Although the film targets a younger audience, it contains a substantial amount of symbolism that only adults would understand. In order to examine The Lion King, I will employ â€Å"The Hero’s Journey† established by Joseph Campbell’s book â€Å"The Hero with a Thousand Faces†Read MoreThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald644 Words   |  3 Pagesassociation with symbols, her use of symbols, and herself as a symbol. How’s that possible, she’s 100% human in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald? Don’t worry, the vacuous space upstairs will soon be filled. So, let’s dive in, like a dead â€Å"Gatsby† in a pool. Daisy and her association with symbols is... pointless to the structure of this essay. Nope, wrong again. Daisy is a centerpoint in The Great Gatsby, and the symbols she is seen with help prove the corpulent mass she holds giving her suchRead MoreEastwoods Sudden Impact Film Analysis1579 Words   |  7 Pagesgroup of men, one of which was the man in the car. This is when the darkness comes in. By having the scene set in the dark, a clear symbol as the movie goes on, it becomes apparent that Eastwood is trying to communicate a message. He uses the darkness metaphorically to show the darkness of justice, or in other words, its impurity. After further analysis, we arrive at the conclusion that justice is only what we make it out to be, simply a means of attempting to set things right. However, in a darkRead MoreComparative Analysis: Hamlet and the Lion King1828 Words   |  8 PagesComparative analysis: Hamlet and The Lion King Hamlet is a 1990 drama film based on a tragic play with the same name, written by William Shakespeare. On the other side The Lion King is an animated musical movie. Walt Disney Pictures released the movie in 1994. As the movie Hamlet, The Lion King was also influenced by Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. Both the movies are about revenging the death of a cherished family member but in different ways. Since a long time the idea of revenge has existedRead MoreSea World Park And Entertainment Company3696 Words   |  15 Pagesthem in 20 foot by 30 foot metal pool. In the year 1991 a part time sealand employee and national swimming champion kelti burn slipped into the pool during her performance and was taken down in the pool by three whales who were performing during the show. It was shown that the whale that killed her was Tilikum. This was the first death tilikum was involved in. Then in the year 1999-second death took place. Man named Daniel P. Dukes was found in tilikum’s pool. Sea world covered up this deathRead MoreEssay on Shaun of the Dead: in-Depth Code Analysis3830 Words   |  16 PagesShaun of Dead An In-Depth Code Analysis With the large variety of interests that flourish within the society, it is no shock that genres exist, especially in film, as the definition of entertainment differs from person to person. A genre is a category of films that are characterised by similarities in the narrative elements and conventions found within the films. Genres are extremely useful to both film producers and audiences as it helps them narrow down the target audience and search forRead MoreOld Money Trumps New Money: Understand how Old Wealth Works1434 Words   |  6 Pagesnineteen twenties that have collected their money over the course of their time, have always had an advantage over the poor, and people who are just beginning their wealthy-hood, and they keep their â€Å"property† well protected. In the beginning of the movie, where Nick Carraway sits with Tom Buchanan, a born wealthy man, who inherited his money from his family, the husband of Nick’s cousin; Daisy and a firm eugenicist. Tom tells Nick to read a book by Lothrop Stoddard called â€Å"The Rise of the Colored Empires†Read MoreBlockbuster Inc: a Strategy and Competitive Analysis3895 Words   |  16 PagesBlockbuster Inc: A Strategy and Competitive Analysis April 27, 2007 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Blockbuster History 4 Competition and the State of the Rental Industry 5 The Strategy to Remain Competitive 6 Economic Factors 10 Supply Chain Strategy 11 Sales, Service and Promotion Strategy 13 Conclusion 16 Appendix 17 Exhibit 1 Blockbuster SWOT Analysis 17 Exhibit 2 17 Blockbuster Video Facts 17 Hollywood Video Facts 17 Netflix FactsRead MoreAmerican Film Noir For Present Day1829 Words   |  8 Pagesprotagonist was widely recognized by audiences and film critics as integral to his success. Neo-Noir Commonly viewed by critics as an update on original noir motifs of human experience as a fabrication of images, neo-noir is characterized by an increased analysis of the psychological motivations of its characters and an emphasis on nihilistic tendencies. Films began to self-consciously revive or re-imagine noir conventions and archetypes. With the production code mentioned above finally meeting its demise

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Corporate Social Responsibility And Access - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about Corporate Social Responsibility And Access. Answer: Corporate Social Responsibility states that every business has a responsibility towards the society whether it is environmental, social or even towards its stakeholders including employees, suppliers, shareholders and community at large (Suliman, Al-Khatib, Thomas, 2016). Corporate social responsibility states that every business has responsibility to contribute towards the social well being of the society at large. Nowadays most of the company are compulsorily required to follow and fulfil their social responsibility towards the society in which it operates (Cheng, Ioannou, Serafeim, 2014). The company which is selected for this assignment is Altech Chemical Ltd which has its headquarters in Australia and it is also listed in the Australian stock exchange (, 2018). The corporate responsibilities of a business organisation are given in points below: The main responsibility of any business organisation is to contribute to the needs of the society which may be generation of employment and income generation for the society as well as development of the business. Some of the business takes responsibility of environmental issues of the society such as planting of more trees, management and use of society resources in an effective manner. Most of the chemical and oil companies are responsible for waste management. In other words such types of companies are responsible to dispose off the waste created by them in a safe manner. Most of the time such wastes are hazardous in nature and therefore these waste must be dealt with in a safe manner. A business can engage in charitable work in order to show the society that the company is following its corporate responsibility toward the society. The charitable work of the business can be donations to public organisations, schools and charitable institutions. Altech Chemical ltd has to follow its corporate social responsibility as every business in Australia has to strictly follow corporate social responsibility. The corporate social responsibility of Altech Chemical ltd is the management of waste which the company generates in production of alumina (, 2018). The hazardous and bio degradeable are dumped in a pit where there is no chance of leakage to the ground water or else it will lead to ground water population. The company is also engaged in exploration activities which naturally disrupt an area and its surroundings. However the company has license for exploration activity from the government of Australia. The responsibility of the Altech Chemical ltd is to ensure that the company develops the area where the company had conducted exploration activities (, 2018). The company will be recovering the area and planting trees and levelling the ground soil. Most of the companies in Australia need to follow corporate social responsibilities as it is mandatory in most of the countries. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that they are contributing to the needs of the society. (Bu?i?nien?, Kazlauskait?, 2012). Basically the society gives the power to such business to operate and in return the society expects that the needs of the society are given priority. However most of the businesses do not consider such responsibilities as important. They just incur such expenses in order to show the public that the company is incurring some expenses in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Such companies consider this CSR expenses as unnecessary expenses (Brammer, Jackson, Matten, 2012). However some of the companies follow such policies properly. Altech Chemical Company has shown exploration and development expenses in the balance sheet at $571904 for the period ending on 30 June 2016. The figure of exploration and development ex pense consist of restoration costs which the company incurs on the sites of exploration by the company (, 2018). As per Milton Friedman, the one and only responsibility of a business is to use the resources available to the organisation in order to increase the profits of the organisation while facing competition and without using any deception or fraudulent means. Most of the corporate businesses agree with this view that the primary concern of the business is to earn profits and maximise the wealth of its shareholders. However due to strict norms introduced by most of the countries corporate organisations nowadays have to follow corporate social responsibilities. Some of the businesses have incorporated CSR strategies in their policies to ensure that the corporate responsibilities of the business are taken care of and the accountability for the same is accepted by the business. CSR strategies not only demonstrate to the society that the business care for them but also follow sustainable development. In order to understand how CSR strategies can bring about sustainable development, the first t hing that is needed to be understood is the concept of sustainable development. Sustainable development can be described as the development which looks after the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Holden, Linnerud, Banister, 2017). The concept of sustainable development is important as it is the only way to save the natural resources for the future generations. CSR strategies consist of activities like environmental restorations, charity works, development of schools and hospitals and waste management. Corporate houses have responsibilities to ensure that the corporate social responsibilities of the business are efficiently managed and implemented. If business follow their corporate social responsibilities in efficient manner there is a genuine chance that the society can stay on the path of sustainable development (Barkemeyer et al., 2014).For this purpose the company holds various exploration licences from the Australian government and the company is also responsible for the rehabilitation of the area which was under mining or exploration. The exploration and development costs as shown in the balance sheet of Altech Chemicals ltd signifies that the companys exploration expenses are capitalised as it is directly associated with the production activity of the business (, 2018). The exploration and development cost as shown in the balance sheet of the company which includes restoration cost of the area where the exploration activity took place. Thus the company undertakes activities which are related to the restoration of the environment and safe dumping of the waste which is generated in the process of production of alumina. Looking after the environment from where such businesses draw natural resources is definitely steps which the business takes towards sustainable development. Profit maximisation refers to concept where the business is focused on earning as profit as it can for the business. The business primary focus is when the business strategy is profit maximisation is to earn as much profit as possible for the business (Cao et al., 2013). In such a case the company uses all kind of strategies which will allow the business to earn as much profit as possible. A business normally earns more profits in order to satisfy the owners or shareholders of the business. In other words a business earns profit out of which a part of the profit is distributed among the shareholders. As the business earns more profits the business can distribute more profits as dividends to its shareholders. With passing time business and the world realised that the business are not just responsible to the shareholders but all the stakeholders of the business (Seuring, Gold, 2013). Stakeholders are individuals who are directly or indirectly affected by the activities of the companie s and hence the companies should be accountable to them as well. The stakeholders include employees, credits, banks, investors and anyone who is affected by the activities of the business (Lawrence, Weber, 2014). Nowadays most of the companies recognises that the company is accountable to all the stakeholders. In recent times the profit maximisation concept has been replaced by wealth maximisation concept and profit solely is not considered as a factor of performance of the business (Wilson, Plumley, Ramchandani, 2013). The business considers other performance indicators such cash flows in the business, companys reputation in the market, stock prices of the company in the market (Cho, Lee, Pfeiffer, 2013). Positive cash flow shows that the company has well established liquidity structure and positive cash flows show that the business is developing. The companys reputation in the market is also considered to be an indicator of the performance of the company. If the company is perf orming well then the reputation of the company will be good. The company will then have loyalty in the shareholder market. Results also show that a company which is performing well are always awarded with high share prices. Altech Chemical Companys financial statement shows that the company is not performing well as the company has incurred a net loss of $ 1233076 (, 2018). The companys cash flow statement shows that the company has negative cash flow from operating activities in 2016 (, 2018). This shows that the company is having difficulty in the operations. Reference Altech Chemicals Limited - High Purity Alumina Producer. (2018) Retrieved 11 January 2018 Barkemeyer, R., Holt, D., Preuss, L., Tsang, S. (2014). What happened to the developmentin sustainable development? Business guidelines two decades after Brundtland.sustainable development,22(1), 15-32. Brammer, S., Jackson, G., Matten, D. (2012). Corporate social responsibility and institutional theory: New perspectives on private governance.Socio-economic review,10(1), 3-28. Bu?i?nien?, I., Kazlauskait?, R. (2012). The linkage between HRM, CSR and performance outcomes.Baltic Journal of Management,7(1), 5-24. Cao, J., Hwang, K., Li, K., Zomaya, A. Y. (2013). Optimal multiserver configuration for profit maximization in cloud transactions on parallel and distributed systems,24(6), 1087-109. Cheng, B., Ioannou, I., Serafeim, G. (2014). Corporate social responsibility and access to finance.Strategic Management Journal,35(1), 1-23. Cho, S. Y., Lee, C., Pfeiffer, R. J. (2013). Corporate social responsibility performance and information asymmetry.Journal of Accounting and Public Policy,32(1), 71-83. Holden, E., Linnerud, K., Banister, D. (2017). The imperatives of sustainable development.Sustainable Development,25(3), 213-226. Lawrence, A. T., Weber, J. (2014).Business and society: Stakeholders, ethics, public policy. Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Seuring, S., Gold, S. (2013). Sustainability management beyond corporate boundaries: from stakeholders to performance.Journal of Cleaner Production,56, 1-6. Suliman, A. M., Al-Khatib, H. T., Thomas, S. E. (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility.Corporate Social Performance: Reflecting on the Past and Investing in the Future, 15. Wilson, R., Plumley, D., Ramchandani, G. (2013). The relationship between ownership structure and club performance in the English Premier League.Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal,3(1), 19-36.